Our Story


It Started as an Old Dream

La Nostra Famiglia, which means “our family,” is a concept that began as a nostalgic dream. Having spent decades in the restaurant industry - including opening two successful eateries in Dallas, TX - some time as a Diplomat, and even a stint with INTERPOL, the owner decided to bring his dream of a family trattoria to San Antonio, TX, a city that has long held a special place in his heart.

In 2018, while living in Mexico, retirement looming, he was living the good life - eating, drinking and living out his peaceful days with his wife. One day, likely while enjoying too much peace and quiet, a day that comes after many decades of working hard to enjoy this moment, he told her, “we need to do something.”

The two decided to move to San Antonio and see through his old dream of creating a family trattoria in a city he long loved, bringing it refreshed and traditional Italian food designed with passion. In 2020, La Nostra Famiglia Trattoria opened its doors, inviting San Antonians to enjoy authentic Italian food made from scratch in a cozy and romantic dining room.

La Nostra Famiglia Trattoria has since been featured in Texas Eats, and named one of the five best lasagnas in San Antonio.

The owners have proudly brought their passion for coming together at the table and feeling like family to La Nostra Famiglia Trattoria.

Come Have a Seat at Our Table

La Nostra Famiglia Trattoria invites guests to enjoy authentic Italian and feel like family in our romantic restaurant in San Antonio.

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